14 December 2023

[Report] GEDI regulation: new rules for Web3 gaming

ORWL_ publishes a comprehensive report on the games with exchangeable digital items (GEDI) regulation.

The upcoming GEDI regulation offers a unique experimental framework for Web3 games. Still in the process of being adopted, this regime sets out a series of obligations to enable games to evolve within a secure framework.

Thanks to its experience providing regulatory support for Web3 games since 2018, ORWL has compiled all the information you need to understand the GEDI regulatory framework in this report.

In particular, the report addresses: 

  • the scope of the regulation (which games? which criteria? in which territory?);
  • the obligations that Web3 games will have to meet to operate legally in the French market;
  • our advice on how to file a GEDI application with the French Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) or, on the contrary, avoid falling within the scope of this regulation and
  • our operational knowledge and analysis of this framework.

The GEDI regulation is part of a bill still under discussion in the French National Assembly. Although substantial changes are unlikely at this stage, the report will be updated once the law’s final version and its implementing decrees have been adopted.




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