ORWL supports its clients in the protection of their creations, know-how, data and image. On an operational level, the IT/IP team also supports client’s in their contractual relations with users, customers, service providers and partners.

The firm focuses on a global approach to support you at every stage of your projects, starting with the establishment of your contractual strategy and assistance with negotiations. We take charge of your trademark registration procedures, and help you to ensure that your platforms are compliant by drafting the appropriate contractual tools. Last but not least, we offer litigation support in the event of an inspection or a dispute.

Our goal is to ensure that your project complies with consumer law, intellectual property law and personal data regulations.


  • Personal data: conducting audits, drafting policies, assisting and supporting RGPD compliance.
  • New technologies and IT: negotiation and drafting of IT contracts (software distribution, confidentiality agreements, commercial agreements and partnerships).
  • E-commerce: drafting of terms and conditions (CGV, CGU, legal notices), support and validation of communication and advertisement projects.

Business cases

The IP/IT team has supported several NFTs marketplaces in establishing their contractual framework, in a way that is adapted to the technologies used.

The IP/IT team accompanied a web3 game publisher throughout its GDPR compliance: initial audit, establishment of a register and advice in the compatibility between GDPR and blockchain.

The IP/IT team supported an online platform in implementing its communication policy: analysis of affiliate programs, sponsored content and advertisers to ensure a project compliant with consumer law and regulated communications.


William O’Rorke
Louisa Auscher