ETHCC [5]: Throwback on the Legal Track

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Event

ETHCC [5]: Throwback on the Legal Track

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Event

On July 21st, 2022, ORWL organized, for the very first time, a legal track during the fifth Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris. 

The EthCC is the largest Ethereum event in Europe, focused on technology, community and Web3, organized annually by Ethereum France.

ORWL is honoured to have been entrusted with the task of organising, for the first time, a complete legal track to offer a panorama of the legal issues faced by DeFi/Web3 projects and to gather experts and projects to offer educational and concrete content. 

This year, stakeholders had the opportunity to come together to answer major legal questions that the projects are facing, during a three-hour track that took place in the Salle Pontoise of the Parisian Maison de la Mutualité.

Throwback on the covered topics and involved speakers

Defi, Tradfi. After an introduction by William O’Rorke, the first round table composed of Rebecca Rettig (General Counsel of the Aave Companies), James Burnie (Partner at the UK law firm Gunnercooke) and Collins Belton (Managing Partner at the US firm Brookwood P.C.), shared their views on DeFi’s risk management in the light of financial regulations.

DAO. The track then moved to an “Ask Me Anything” session with Romain Figuereo, the co-founder of the Paladin Projet Protocol, during which he presented the structuration of a DAO and the risks associated with it.

Stablecoins. At the very heart of the current news and events, the second round table of the day approached the burning topic of stablecoins. Victor Charpiat (Founder of Kolat and ex-crypto-lawyer), Pablo Veyrat (co-founder of the Angle Protocol), Samuel Goldfaden (Partner at DLT Law) and Teana Taylor (Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Strategy of Circle) exchanged on the different types of stablecoins and the existing and upcoming legal framework of such assets.

NFTs. Not to forget one of the main discussion topics in the crypto-world for the past two years, the Legal Track included a round table on NFTs. Jacob Martin (lawyer at JTM Tech Law and founder of 2 punks capital), Guillaume Tormo (VP, Associate General Counsel at Ubisoft) and Jérôme de Tychey (President of Ethereum France and founder of Cometh) explored the NFTs regulations and their impact on their respective practices.

Anon. The legal morning of the EthCC ended with an entertaining and quite popular subject on the structuration of an Anon project. Marc Zeller (Integration lead at Aave), Julien Bouteloup (founder of StakeDAO, Rekt, Blackpool) and Simon Polrot (co-founder of the ADAN association and of the EU Crypto Initiative) detailed the issues raised by anonymity and shared their advice on such projects.

ORWL deeply thanks the EthCC organization and all the speakers that brought this Legal Track to life. 

The replay of the Track will soon be available on the YouTube channel of the EthCC 5.

We’re hoping to see you all next year for the second round of the ORWL Legal Track at the sixth EthCC (main stage?)!